InsermEuropean Study Group of Cardiovascular Oscillations

Unité 127
Scientific Themes

30th March - 1st April 2000
Miskin Manor, Cardiff, Wales

Supported by:
Federation of European Physiological Societies
Bristol-Myers-Squibb College
Wellcome Trust


Physiological background of cardiovascular oscillators
A Malliani
Nonlinear dynamics in cardiovascular variability signal
S Cerutti
Systems-analytical approaches to dynamic-nonlinear and complex coordinations in the cardiovascular-respiratory system
D Hoyer
Pathophysiology of regulation and nonlinear methods.
U Zwiener
Models for the interactions in cardiovascular control mechanisms
G Baselli
High resolution visualization of vasomotion and blood flow: causes and consequences of non-equilibrium phase transitions explained by variable flow distribution
H Schmidt-Schonbein
In vivo studies of vasomotion
A Colantuoni
Cellular mechanisms and nonlinear analysis of vasomotion
TM Griffith
Intracellular Ca2+ dynamics and myoendothelial communication in intact vessels: application to vasomotion.
A Schuster
Sympathetic modulation of vascular tone - Investigations in humans, animals, and cell cultures
H Stauss
Nonlinearity and renal blood flow
N-H Holstein-Rathlou
Nonlinear analysis of cardiovascular oscillations
J Kanters
Analysis of the sympathetic neural discharge in human and animals
N Montano
Time dependent analysis of cardiovascular fluctuations in mental stress, awakeness and sleep
S Akselrod
Quantifying regularity, synchronisation and coordination in cardiovascular variability signals.
A Porta
Non-linear haemodynamics of young subjects exposed to repetitive intermittent apneas
A Trzebski
Nonlinear cardiac dynamics in young athletes
A Aubert
Non-linear analysis in cardiovascular risk stratification
R Mrowka
Musical rhythms in heart period dynamics.
H Bettermann


Solange Akselrod (Tel-Aviv, Israel)
André Aubert (Leuven, Belgium)
Anda Baharav (Tel-Aviv, Israel)
Giuseppe Baselli (Milan, Italy)
Frank Beckers (Leuven, Belgium)
Henrik Bettermann (Herdecke, Germany)
Caroline Bogaert (Leuven, Belgium)
Sergio Cerutti (Milan, Italy)
Andrew Chaytor (Cardiff, Wales)
Antonio Colantuoni (Pisa, Italy)
Grace Carolan-Rees (Cardiff, Wales)
Dirk Cysarz (Herdecke, Germany)
Gianni D'Addio (Campoli, Italy)
Linda Davrath (Tel-Aviv, Israel)
Valdo Jose Dias da Silva (Milan, Italy)
David Edwards (Cardiff, Wales)
Luca Faes (Trento, Italy)
TudorGriffith (Cardiff, Wales)
Steffano Guzzetti (Milan, Italy)
Andrew Henderson (Cardiff, Wales)
Niels-Henrik Holstein-Rathlou (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Dirk Hoyer (Jena, Germany)
Jurgen Kanters (Helsingor, Denmark)
Ruben Langer (Tel-Aviv, Israel)
Alberto Malliani (Milan, Italy)
Pascale Mansier (Paris, France)
Nicola Montano (Milan, Italy)
Alessandro Monti (Le Chesnay, France)
Ralf Mrowka (Berlin, Germany)
Giandomenico Nollo (Trento, Italy)
Dimitris Parthimos (Cardiff, Wales)
Barbra Pellegrini (Trento, Italy)
Gian Domenico Pinna (Pavia, Italy)
Alberto Porta (Milan, Italy)
Jan Putzeys (Leuven, Belgium)
Holger Schmid-Schoenbein (Aachen, Germany)
Alexander Schuster (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Bert Seps (Leuven, Belgium)
Maciej Smietanowski (Warsaw, Poland)
Gabrielle Speijer (Leuven, Belgium)
Harold Stauss (Berlin, Germany)
Andrzej Trzebski (Warsaw, Poland)
Dieter Verlinde (Leuven, Belgium)
Ulrich Zweiner (Jena, Germany)